What is a seo health check and why do you need it?

Site audits are an integral part of what we do here at SEO Agency Manchester. It’s important for us to have a real understanding of both your business and your website, and an audit will help us to do that. In turn, we will be able to tap into your site’s potential and achieve higher Google rankings.

We can use this information to continue to build on areas that are working for you, but also to improve on problem areas.

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What does a full seo audit service include?

Speed Audit:

It is important for your site to run as quickly and smoothly as possible: visitors to your site are more likely to stick around if images and videos are loading fast, and in turn they are more like to leave if the site loads more slowly. A speed audit can tell us if your site is running at a good pace or if it needs improvements.

Technical SEO Audit:

This section of the audit will check the health of your entire site. It is an in-depth look at all technical aspects, including links and keyword applications, and whether there are any issues with the way search engine spiders index your pages. Your site needs more than just keywords to run well and a technical audit can help to improve your Google ranking.

Content Audit:

This section will pick up on any issues with your site’s content, this can include duplicate or thin content. It can also detect under-optimised content which can then be adapted to improve your Google ranking.

Mobile-Friendly Audit:

Over 3.5 billion people use smartphones worldwide, so there’s a good probability that visitors to your site will be using a mobile browser. It is therefore important that your site is optimised for various mobile browsers to give your visitors the best experience.

Backlink Audit:

A backlink is, simply put, an incoming link to your webpage. A backlink audit helps us to identify the quality and relevance of your backlinks. Backlinks from high-quality and relevant webpages will help Google to find your site and rank it highly.

Comprehensive Report:

After all of the audit processes are complete, we can also arrange a meeting or a call to further discuss our findings and how to best implement changes.

Brings Unnecessary SEO Practices to an End

Search engine optimisation evolves constantly. In the last decade, link purchasing was a common practice in SEO. Today, however, as much as link building is important, toxic links can damage your ranking. A technical audit can point out the links and improve your SEO practices.

Determine the Right keywords

Staffing keywords won’t trick Google to giving you a better ranking. There are specific keywords you will need to exhaust. An SEO audit will introduce you to the keywords that drive traffic. Once you understand the search terms and know what you are ranking for, you will optimise your content in that direction.

Monitor your Competitors
If you have a competitor who is always beating you in search rankings, take advantage of an SEO audit. The audit will help you understand the keywords they are ranking for. We will analyse them using the audit and gather information on how to upgrade your SEO strategy.

Today, there are so many websites with all the right content, meaning your site must not be average. If you are looking to rank highly, you need to put your foot forward by leveraging a website SEO audit service.

Why SEO Agency Manchester?

You may be wondering why you should purchase a full audit, and not just use a free audit tool.

SEO Agency Manchester will take an in-depth and thorough look at all aspects of your site to determine what works and what doesn’t and we will be able to recommend a plan of action.

With our full auditing service, you will have access to our trained marketing masters, and you are guaranteed proven results. It is impossible to achieve the same level of service or results with a free auditing tool.

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