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What is Proven SEO?

Proven SEO and having success with SEO really depends on who you’re targeting. If, for example, you are setting up a new Estate Agency, then it may feel that “houses for sale” and “rent my flat” could be good keyword phrases to target for your SEO. Whilst that’s not wrong, it’s not the best approach. These generic keywords are extremely popular. Not only will every estate agency in the land want to rank for these terms too, but the major property advertising portals like Rightmove and Zoopla will be heavily targeting those terms as well. For that reason, for a new website, it’s very challenging to achieve high rankings for basic keyword terms. You’re competing with years of SEO on other sites, years of content, and huge paid search budgets. So, how do you rank without a major fight for the front page?

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SEO Audits helps in Identifying Your Website’s Technical Issues

A technical SEO audit will help you identify the technical SEO issues. Technical SEO is vital in helping search engines bots to crawl your site better. The audit will concentrate on topics such as website speed, site architecture and URL structure and crawlability. Website Speed: A website speed audit will help identify how long your website takes to load. Website speed is important because search engines like Google take UX seriously. A faster website improves the user experience when browsing your site, and the customer is more likely to stay and go through the content. Poor speed, on the other hand, is annoying, meaning the customer is more likely to click away even before explore you’re the website. Site Architecture and URL Structure: A good site should have subfolders for good site architecture, plus the URLs should be kept short but descriptive. Crawlability: A good website should make it easier for the search engines to crawl its content through proper use of robots.txt files and having a dynamic site map.

Identifies Competition

You cannot build a perfect website without identifying what the competition is doing in terms of maintaining an online presence. A proper SEO audit helps determine what the competition is doing so that you can come up with strategies to outdo them.

Identifies Your Backlinks

A backward link audit is a significant part of the website SEO audit that helps you identify the number of backlinks in your website and what the competition has as well as identifying whether you have spammy backlinks. Backlinks are essential is SEO, given that they are a major determinant of your Google ranking. You can rank higher in the Google search result page if you have several links from top external content.

Local SEO Services

Location, location, location
When you target local SEO terms, not only will you rank higher if someone uses similar phrases, but you’ll also show up in the Google maps search providing you’ve claimed your Google My Business listing. In addition, if someone is using Google and their privacy settings allow it, Google will be able to determine their geographical location. When someone in Lancashire types “Estate agents near me” they’ll then be shown a list of sites that mention towns and cities close to their location.

Maintaining your Local SEO

There are a good set of tasks to carry out when you first launch your new website to give it a local SEO boost. SEO agency Manchester can help you with that. There are benefits in asking us to optimise your website locally and working with us as you will have a thorough understanding of your local area, the towns to target, and even how your local dialect might affect how your customers type their search queries. After your initial set up, it’s a good idea to keep building on your local SEO and compliment it with social media, local PR and link building activity too. Imagine if you were the first business that people saw when they searched your local area? What is your local population and how many of those people could turn into long term customers? When you think of it in those terms, local SEO is a valuable investment for any business.

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Why use us

Search Engine Optimisation is what we do, it is in our name. Would you like to see your company rank number one in Google, and other search engines? But you can’t navigate the algorithms, SERPS and other technical terms?


Well look no further, as we at SEO Agency Manchester can work with you to create a bespoke service to meet all your marketing needs. Good SEO can improve the quality, as well as the quantity of your website traffic, giving your brand the correct exposure. People don’t have time to scroll through pages of search results so they rely on the search engine to whittle them down and put the best companies at the top. It pays to be at the top, literally, you have to pay. However, we offer a more cost-effective solution that will benefit your bottom line.


With experience in helping well established, large businesses to smaller, start-up companies we really can cater for everyone. We offer a local SEO strategy so if your business only operates locally, or has multiple locations, then we can get it seen by the right people. We are aware that many companies operate at an international level and need to be seen in multiple locations. With our fresh approach to International SEO we will improve your rankings on search engines in other countries. In an ever mobile world, we know just how important it is to have your website as optimised for mobile as it is for desktop. Even if you don’t have a mobile friendly site, we can help you get started.


With online sales continually growing we are well equipped to offer ecommerce SEO. We will not only drive traffic to your site but make sure it is the correct audience.

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