Results Driven Proven SEO Strategies

At SEO Agency Manchester, we offer a range of digital marketing services and techniques, enabling us to create bespoke SEO campaigns with proven successes to get your brand’s name to the top of Google searches.


We conduct thorough market and keyword research to understand where your business stands against the competition, and we offer a full auditing service, including technical health checks.

Once we have created your campaign, we set out our recommendations in terms that are easy for you to understand, taking away any worries or confusion.

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How SEO Services can help your business grow.

You may think that well-established businesses have no need for SEO, or you may think that it impossible for small businesses to rank highly against their competition, but the truth is that SEO is important to businesses of all sizes.


Research suggests that 75% of search engine users don’t look past the first page of results! Having your webpage at the top of a Google search is guaranteed to drive direct and organic traffic to your site and, in turn, will increase your customer base.

Our Core Services

Technical SEO:

We are able to assess and maintain your site’s technical health, allowing you to tap into its full potential. This is one of the most important aspects of SEO and allows search engines to understand and crawl your webpages.


Link Building:

It’s important to have high quality backlinks placed on relevant sites in order to drive traffic to your pages. Our link building services help you to place links organically.


Local SEO:

If you need to target customers in a specific location, we can optimise your site to do so. It’s no longer as simple as including your location as a keyword; with intelligent maps, internet users don’t even need to type their location into the search bar, their device can pinpoint it automatically. Our experts are able to implement up to date SEO which can target customers in your chosen area.


Mobile SEO:

Billions of people across the globe access websites through their smartphones. It is therefore important that your site be mobile friendly to attract these users. Our experts can ensure your site is optimised for mobile browsers and for mobile SEO.



Our experts offer services to improve the quality of your content, optimising it for high search engine rankings. This helps to drive organic traffic to your site by attracting an audience that is genuinely interested in your content.


SEO Audit:

Through market and consumer research, our SEO audit helps to determine where exactly you should be focussing your efforts. We provide realistic and achievable recommendations on technical SEO, content and backlinks to help drive direct and organic traffic to your site.

What are the Benefits of Local SEO?

So, you’ve created a website for your business, and you’ve heard that in order for your website to be found, you need “SEO”. When first introduced to the concept of SEO, the primary level of understanding for most businesses is that there are certain keywords related to their brand. These keywords are what your ideal customers may type into Google or Bing to search for a product or service like yours, therefore it’s good to target your SEO at these keywords, right?


Our Local SEO services use a much more relevant approach to getting your business the best possible search engine exposure. For companies such as Estate agencies and recruitment agencies, it’s highly relevant, because it’s very likely you only want to target customers within a 25-mile radius of your branch. So, instead of targeting terms like “rent my flat”, the idea is to work on local search terms such as “rent my flat in Manchester”. The benefit of doing so is that your content can be crafted to be extremely relevant to customers local to you. As well as broad local SEO phrases mentioning the county, you can also work on a number of other areas within your county, such as Salford and Bury, for example. This will narrow down the competition giving you more chance of gaining leads and sales as your business will mainly be competing with other local companies only, rather than on a national level.

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Why Choose Us

Because we love what we do, this shines through to our work and gets great results for our clients. We know the local area well and are well informed about how local audiences want to addressed and what makes them want to buy, which helps us give your Manchester business the best possible boost.

Free Website Audit

It is important to undertake a full audit of your site before we begin any work, so we are able to pinpoint and address any key issues. An audit will allow us to look at and analyse all aspects of your site and we produce a comprehensive report which explains our recommendations in jargon free terms.

The Benefits of SEO and Digital Marketing

The major benefit from SEO and Digital Marketing is that is creates a lasting impact online that will keep working hard for you throughout the life of your website. Digital marketing is a fantastic long-term investment, and some services such as social media and PPC can bring you instant sales, depending on your type of business. To find out how we could help you quickly and affordably, contact us today.

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