In today’s modern digital world, you simply must be on social media.

In the last decade, social media has gone from a niche to a necessity. If your business does not have a strong social media presence, you’re missing out on:


  • A chance to start a conversation with new customers
  • A way to drive engagement with a community of like-minded people
  • A platform to demonstrate your authority
  • A place where your clients can learn more about your services


At every stage of your sales funnel, from lead generation to purchase decision, your social media strategy is a crucial element. But social media is complicated. It can be time-consuming to do it properly. And, if you get it wrong, the damage to your reputation can be long-lasting.


This is why more and more people are turning to social media management services like RS Digital Marketing. Our social media experts can do the heavy lifting for you, building a world-class social media presence while you focus on running your business. By working with us, you’ll gain access to an experienced, friendly team of professionals who will ensure you reach your social media goals.

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How We Do It

1. Listen

Social media is not a soapbox. It’s not a place for the hard sell and it’s not a place to talk down to people. Social media is a conversation, and great conversation starts with listening. We monitor the social media ecosystem for any mentions of your brand, so you’ll always know what people are saying about you.

2. Engage

Then it’s time to get the conversation started. First, we’ll work with you to understand and refine your brand. Then we consult with you on the best platforms for your particular business goals. Finally, we ensure that all your social media engagement has a consistent voice so that your message and values and always clearly communicated.

3. Contribute

Social media is fundamentally built on sharing. Our in-house experts know exactly how to create content that people want to pass on.Before you know it, your audience has become your advocate, and you’ll see the difference to your bottom line.

Which Platforms Do We Help With?

Facebook – The heavyweight champion of social media. Great for small businesses and large companies. Reaching 60% of the entire world, you simply must be on Facebook.


Twitter – The home of engaged, buzzing conversation. Especially good for direct contact with customers, though beware the ill-judged tweet!


Instagram – Incredibly popular with young people. If you hope to reach that Millennial demographic, you need to have great Instagram content.


Pinterest – More a “catalogue of ideas” than a true social media platform, and a great way for businesses to showcase their products.


LinkedIn – The most formal and corporate social network, LinkedIn is no longer just for recruitment. A great place to engage with fellow professionals.


YouTube – With a vast library of videos, YouTube is the preferred place for much of the web to listen, discover and learn. Great for “how-to” content.

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How We Can Help

Social Media Strategy – We work closely with you to create an entire social media strategy. Everything from which platforms to use, to content ideas and posting frequency.


Blogging & PR – If you need help with content marketing, our expert team of in-house copywriters can write high quality articles and ensure they are featured all around the web.


Brand-Driven Keyword Content – If you want to improve your search engine rankings, we work with you to select high efficiency keywords and incorporate them seamlessly into your web content.


Video Creation & Distribution – Videos can be time-consuming to shoot and edit on your own. Our video experts can create and distribute professional quality content at a reasonable budget.


Audits & Analysis – A key first step to every social media campaign. We perform a thorough audit and analysis of your existing social media presence, along with a comprehensive list of suggestions and improvements.


Channel Setup – It’s important to set up your social media channels right from the start. This includes adding tracking code to allow for analytics, and ensuring branding and images are consistent and attractive.


Paid Advertising – To really supercharge your social media, paid advertising is a great option. We manage the whole process for you, from advert creation to bidding strategies.


Social Monitoring – Social media is a conversation. It’s essential for brands to be aware of what their customers are saying. We monitor all your social media channels so you can keep track of what’s being said.

So give us a call today to learn how we can help your business master social media. We’ll manage everything for you, from setting up the accounts to creating the content, monitoring your profiles to engaging with clients.


With a strong social media strategy, you’ll build the prestige of your business, generate new customers and build loyalty with existing ones.

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