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Web Design Agency Manchester

Bespoke websites created to boost your brand and sales


Design and Development 

Web Design Agency Manchester

As the leading Web Design Manchester agency, we understand how to turn your idea into a reality. Your website serves as the foundation of your internet business. And, unlike other design firms, we are also SEO experts! This guarantees that we prioritise user experience and SEO markup code in our goals.

After all, there's no purpose in creating a website if it's difficult to locate. And having SEO-optimized code, site structure, performance, and security right from the outset is critical. It aids in ensuring that you rank well in Google as soon as feasible.

Failure to establish your site on solid foundations leads to a slew of issues as your company expands.

Low search engine traffic, security issues, customer data intrusions, or full-fledged lawsuits (think Ashley Madison!) are not worries you need!

As a result, it's critical to collaborate with folks who have been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. We are such individuals.

Manchester Web Design

Optimized User Experience and SEO Code

We'll make certain that your website includes:

• All of the necessary meta tags for search engine optimization. The title, description, alt, and canonical tags are all included.

• A keyword-driven site structure plan This guarantees that your most vital pages get seen in Google and continue to bring in large amounts of traffic in the future.

• A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate web structure. You want your prospects to find the most relevant material to them as soon as possible. An engaged audience leaves/bounces off your site less frequently, stays longer, and, if properly structured, is dragged into your sales funnel. All of these features are important for both earning sales and giving signals to Google, which will help you rank better.

• A secure https solution. So that both your clients/customers and Google are aware that you prioritise security (a Google algorithm ranking factor).

• Structured data, so your site stands out from the crowd when it comes to Google rankings. You've definitely noticed such websites because they display star ratings/reviews, product pricing, and availability straight on Google. This is due to the fact that those sites took the effort to include structured data into their code. This increases traffic and helps you advance up the Google rankings. Many agencies do not include this code, but we do!

And a whole lot more!

So, if you're searching for a Web Design Manchester agency that can give not just a fantastic design, user experience, and quick loading times, but also crucial Google traffic...look no further!

FREE Consultation with No Strings Attached

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